mmakole food and beverage

About Mmakole Food and Beverage

Mmakole Food & Bev provides customized food service solutions to a diverse group of clients additionally, we have operating interest in a handful of Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo locations.

 Mmakole Food & Bev also operates Fresh Farms, a manufacturer and distributor of multiple lines of fresh and frozen products for contract food service, schools, grocery stores, as well as restaurants and retail establishments.

Our Services

The Mopani worms online store and its Midrand based distribution facility serving the retail sector, is also managed by Mmakole Food & Bev. We also brew and distribute the commercial sorghum beer based on the traditional Umqombothi homemade African beers, the main grains used are malted sorghum and maize but may also contain millet, and this beer is called Sesotho Sorghum Beer. Our locals call it “Sekala” “Mqombothi” “Tjontjobina, we call it Sesotho Sorghum Beer.

Fresh Vegetables

Mopane Worms

Poultry Farming

Sorghum beer