About Leroba Corporate Rentals

We offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rental rates on laptops, desktops, projectors, printers etc. For the lowest rates, fastest delivery and most responsive service, Leroba Corporate Rentals is your best choice.

Our Management Committee brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the day-to-day operations of Leroba Corporate Rentals. This team, comprising of Mr. James Matshubeng (CEO) and two ladies Mrs. Virginia Gaffane (COO) and Mrs. Khutso Makgopa (CFO) is focused on strengthening the company’s ability to grow with our consumers, create value for our shareholders and provide compelling opportunities for our people. Leroba Corporate Rental managers at all levels are committed to meeting the unique needs of every client we serve in the most responsive, efficient, and economical manner possible. We are dedicated to continuous quality improvement, Leroba Corporate Rental staff stay abreast of ever-changing requirements in the food service industry.

Some of our products include

Laptop rentals
PC Rentals
Scanner Rentals
Printer Rentals